Experimental features


  • The playground provides a visuospatial "playground" where you can import discourse graph elements and do visual exploratory sensemaking over your claims and evidence, then export to a Roam page as a rough outline.
  • Quick [[HowTo]]: create a page that starts with the word "Playground" and click into it.
    • Map features:
      • Click anywhere to create a node
        • Defaults to block text, but you can also select specialized discourse nodes to add with this toolbar in the top right:
      • to delete nodes or relations
      • to draw relations between nodes. NOTE: make sure you click on the edges of the sources/targets, not the middle. The latter will open the pages in the sidebar, if they exist.
      • Click on relation arrow to choose and set relation type
      • to trigger [[discourse-graph/live-preview]], similar to [[Roam42]]/ This live preview feature is also available anywhere else on your graph if enabled.
      • Open synthesis query component in left by clicking this icon int he top right corner:
      • Make the playground "full screen" by clicking the maximize icon in the top right corner
      • "Pin" query results and insert into playground space by clicking on the "right pointer" button next to each query result
      • NEW #experimental feature as of [[August 13th, 2021]]! "Export" your playground elements into a Roam page by clicking on the "export" button in the top right
        • The export turns the structure on the map into a Roam outline on the right that preserves the core discourse relations specified in the playground
    • Note: you can create multiple playgrounds