Discourse context

The discourse context component adds a "higher-signal" linked references section to each discourse node, that allows you to explore discourse relations (e.g., inform, support, etc.) between this node and other nodes in your discourse graph.

Things you can do:

Group by target node

Filter results

Show the context of each relation

You can view the context of a relation pattern (i.e., where in your graph the extension recognized the relation) by naming one of the nodes in your relation pattern "Context". Specifying this will add a column called "Context" to the discourse context component, allowing you to view the block tree where this relation was recognized.

For example, in the following pattern for the Evidence-Supports-Claim relation, we can name the block that references the Evidence node as "Context":

This allows us to view that block and its context whenever we look at Evidence-Supports-Claim relations in the discourse context, like this:


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